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 The human being needs to be constantly challenged to operate. This is called "life games". 

It has to have goals, strategy, possibilities to win or lose, boredness, frustration, small rewards during the activity to keep motivation until the sweet accomplishment.

A game is fun only when you are actually playing it. To win at the end is the bigger reward, but the feeling of accomplishment will last so much less than the adventure during the journey.

Have you played a game that was too easy for your skills that you lose interest? Or that you became so good at it that wasn’t fun anymore? Or that was so hard and impossible to win that you don’t even want to try? The same happens in life!

It’s also common to find people that even unconsciously prevent themselves to finish a project because if he does, there is no game anymore, so he keeps finding or creating problems to delay the finalization of it.

The secret is to find new games constantly! New and exciting ideas that motivate you to finalize the previous game, so you can invest your time on the next one! You don’t have to wait until the actual game is getting boring, is about to end or it is ended, to come up with ideas for the next one! Our mind is constantly creative! Isn’t that amazing? So, take advantage of it!

But what happens when you do have so many new ideas (for games) that look more exciting than the ones you are working on right now? Or, what happens sometimes when the ideas don’t show up when you are in search or needing it!

 You have to be controlling, understanding, really paying attention to your thoughts!

 Let’s pretend you are a software developer and your client asked for creating an app for his business, then you have this amazing idea of a way to keep people more active using the app, you tell your client and he says “no! I do want it simple and I’m not paying your extra time!” So you keep working on the app finish it and start a new project. 6 months after you have another client and is in search of a new idea, it doesn’t show up! You present the same idea you had before and it doesn’t fit this project too!

What happened in this situation?
You may be stocked with the first idea, which looks so amazing, that you keep repeating it in your mind just in case you forgot it.
It is just not allowing your mind to come up with any new one!
You have to be in a specific situation of “creating mode” in order for ideas, related or not, to show up!
When you are in creating process, all kind of ideas will come up, but not all of them will fit your project, but it doesn’t mean it will not fit in a future one!

The solution is:
WRITE DOWN ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE! It’s too simple that even looks ineffective! But believe me, it’s not!

 Let's pretend you are trying to learn a phone number.  It doesn't make any sense if you are not going to use it soon or often as your own, you will keep repeating it in your mind until you use it or WRITE IT DOWN.

By writing it down you can allow yourself to forget, cleaning your mind and having it free for new thoughts, ideas o others numbers.

You can have your own "Ideas Book" to consult anytime when you find the right opportunity to apply it. It’s like a list of contacts which you can use any time you need to call someone. Why memorize 300 different combinations of numbers or “ideas”? It would drive your crazy and occupy your mind with information that could be written down.

 It’s also important to write it in an organized way, or it will become just lost information. Separate the ideas by subject, add a date, title, or anything that will help you to find it when you need it.

You can even read some of those ideas after and will wonder: “am I crazy?” That’s not a good idea, what was I thinking? 

So you will notice that sometimes we overthink ideas that sounds amazing at the moment and it’s not. But you, insist to keep wasting time occupying your creative mind. 
Or the opposite, you think that it is a bad idea because it doesn't fit your project that you are working on at the moment or you do not have all you need to make it work right now. Maybe you will even have everything is needed in the future!  But where is that perfect idea? Did you have it written?

Free your mind by writing down any ideas god or bad ones. You do have time for it, just use a little bit of all the time you would waste by overthinking it when it can't be done, evaluating it or trying to memorize it or remember it when you actually can work on it.

Another important point that helps a lot is to know that the universe doesn’t understand negative words like “No, don’t or not”

You will get what your attention is on!

So let’s pretend your attention is in the phrase:
“I don’t want to get bored” I don’t want to have creative blocks”

How to figure out what do you have your attention on by removing the negative words and then we have:
“Get bored” and “having creative blocks”

The good thing is that you totally can use this on your behalf! How? When you know what you don’t want, you use this to find out what you do want! 
Positive thoughts and sentences you use to communicate with others are magic! Do not occupy your mind with any thoughts that don’t inspire you or make you feel good!

So what to do?
For any negative thought give it 3 positive ones!
For example:
Instead of “getting bored”, daydream about how amazing would “be a passionate, fun and active life”

Instead of waste your time remembering all the previous time you had “creative blocks” imagine yourself having “so many exciting, good, possible and profitable ideas” that would make you “the most successful man” ever!

So let’s see on what your attention would be on after this exercise:

“a passionate, fun and active life”
“so many exciting, good, possible and profitable ideas” ” be a sucessfull man”

Doesn’t it feel so much better?

Now let’s work with your question:
“How do I approach doing these tasks that are currently so boring to me?”

• Keeping to delegate. However, choosing the right professional. Why pay the IT guy to write the marketing text? Maybe he will be as bored as you and will do bad work, he was hired to just add the text to the website or to the app, not to write it. The chances that you will end frustrated are huge! And them, there you are, thinking you should do it yourself to get it done right and on time. Right? … Wrong!
Just hire a marketing agency! They do love doing it and are the right professionals, not the bored you or the poor IT guy that doesn’t want to lose his job! Both unhappy and losing time trying to figure out how to do something that the right professionals already learned and love to do!

• Understanding and accepting that life is a game and games have challenges, boring tasks, fun and not so fun phases, levels of hardness and easiness, goals, strategies, possibilities to win or lose, frustration, small rewards, motivation, accomplishment, etc. Don’t fight it just be ok on how it just “is”. Observe the game without judgments, notice how amazing and exciting it is and then decide if it is for you or not. Don’t be the effect, the victim of the consequences, be the cause, be in control by deciding to play it or not to play it. So play any choice with passion.

• Feeling blessed and lucky that you are alive, healthy and capable to play this game! How many people would die to have the opportunity to be you! To have your job! Your intelligence, skills, and abilities?

• Loving and admiring yourself for being so creative and able to play the game with all the not so good boring part. Be proud that you do not give up, which makes you superior to the ones who do give up.

• Knowing that the bored part of it is temporary! The faster you get it done the better. Avoid procrastinating! Stop to fight it and get it done!

• Keeping your attention positive on the feeling of accomplishment by finishing it, the rewards, the proudness and on having time to do the new exciting ones!

• Writing the new Ideas down in an organized and condensed way, so, you can have your mind free to finish your tasks.

That’s it for now!
Hope to see some of those ideas published at healthy Times Newspaper with a credit!
Try that advice for at least a month and come back tell me how amazing it goes! And maybe even considering a tip! 😉

Thanks so much for buying my gig and make sure you have a wonderful and passionate day!

Share the creative juice!